The Identity, Art & Democracy Lab  an active psychology space for affirming narratives and social justice 

I like to think. I like to write. And I like to do things that are the product of my thinking and writing. 

I am a research psychologist who focuses on identity by way of life story tellings.  Certainly, my background in journalism informs this approach, as does my enduring respect for Golden Era Hip-Hop.

Accordingly, my thinking, writing and doing has been informed by sensibilities and the narratives of emerging Black men. These life stories ground my identity theory development in assets – Balance – and this affirming approach guides my commentary and popular spins on race, culture, politics, education and most everything in between. 

I am Chair of the Department of Psychology at Morehouse College, I am a father, a husband, a student and a teacher.  I draw hard lines around my visibility and my humanity, representing for those who are in the margins, recognizing when I was there and acknowledging that often – depending on context – I slip into spaces where I am assumed to have no voice or agency.  That assumption, of course, is entirely wrong.

This site is an overview of my work.  I hope you dig it. 

Let’s get free.