Research, Writing and Real Life

I like to read. I like to write. And I like to do thinking that is the product of my reading and writing. 

I am a Full Professor in Psychology at Morehouse College, with an emphasis on identity and personality theory. I also serve as Associate Provost and Director of the Institute for Social Justice Inquiry and Praxis at the College's Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership, and I run a Lab that looks at identity through life stories and an asset-based lens. 

Plainly, I look at the best parts of how people adapt to a variety of contexts.  I have special interest in popular culture because of its capacity to inform perception and behavior.

My background in traditional journalism informs my research psychologist orientation.  It is naturally fit to my emphasis on learning from lived experiences, particularly from those whose identities are frequently left unexamined. These life stories ground my identity theory development in strengths.  And this approach guides my commentary and popular spins on race, culture, politics, education and most everything in between. 

I like to mash it all up and to draw connections in ways that are novel, perhaps provocative, and that extend beyond rhetoric.   

I draw hard lines around visibility and humanity, representing for those of us who are often pushed to the margins by default.

In addition to social critique and commentary across media outlets, I am working on a second book, Buddy the Black Saint, as follow-up to Balance: Advancing Identity Theory by Engaging the Black Male Adolescent.

I love the work. It can explain a healthy 'us' and can lead to deeper realizations of freedom. 

To crib De La Soul, I am crucially aware that “Stakes is High.”